Hostelfy.me is the world’s most comprehensive global hostel directory.

We support hostels and other related tourism partners by providing detailed information about accommodation providers from all over the globe. Our up-to-date and detailed directory will not only make it easier for travelers to find their next ‘home away from home,’ but will also increase direct commission-free bookings for accommodation providers.


Plus, the Hostelfy.me network will also introduce the travelers discount card, which will be valid for all valid for all direct commission free bookings.



The year-on-year growth in OTA commissions, particularly within the independent hostel sector, continues to be a huge concern for the industry. While OTAs have increased the speed of market growth, it is also time that the industry finds a balance between costly bookings from OTAs and the commission-free bookings that we generate ourselves.

Hostelfy.me is a service that will help explore commission-free bookings with industry leaders and accommodation providers.



Hostelfy.me will be launch in August 2014 (online and Beta)

So, sign up, register, and help us change the landscape of the tourism industry.

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Hostelfy.me Blog: http://hostelfy.me/blog

Twitter: @hostelfy_me

Facebook: facebook.com/hostelfy.me


What’s the next step? Once we’ve launched hostelfy.me online, we’ll be premiering our commission-free booking tool.

We also have many other exciting projects in the works, so stay tuned and help us spread the love by supporting our online channels.




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