Explorer of the World Q & A Series

Want to be an explorer of the world? Find out how other intrepid travelers have found a way to make their vagabond dreams come true by checking out Hostelfy.me’s quick and on-the-spot Explorers of the World Q & A series.

First up is Akshay Wagh, a 29-year-old adventurer from Singapore who has been to 49 countries—and counting!


17646111_l_15373945c4462fe09ef4d6b440ab73a6 Shot in Tallinn, Estonia. Photograph courtesy of Akshay Wagh.

What do you love about travel?

“I love the thrill of seeing and experiencing the unknown—whether it’s venturing to a new place, eating food that’s new to me, taking pictures of the area, or talking to the locals!”


What has been your most memorable and rewarding travel experience?

“I love Eastern Europe and Scandinavia (Russia/Iceland/Norway) because of all the  nature and the cold weather. I travel there every December and stay for three weeks. I’ve been this for the past five years now.”


Shot in Russia. Photograph courtesy of Akshay Wagh.

What has been the biggest challenge about traveling?

None. In my opinion, the key to a good trip is keeping an open mind and maintaining an even temperament. Also, I have never travelled to any ‘dangerous’ places or war zones.


Skydiving! Photograph courtesy of Akshay Wagh.


How do you fund your travels?

 I save up for it.


What are your TOP 5 travel essentials?

1.       Books to read during the flight

2.       DSLR

3.       Moisturizer

4.       Jumper

5.       Wikitravel printouts of things-to-do


What’s next on your bucket list?

South America


Any advice for aspiring travelers?

Traveling is easier than you think; it’s not always the big deal that it is often made out to be.


Want to know more about Akshay’s adventures? Check out his travel page https://www.facebook.com/aks.wanderlust. And if you’re curious about Singapore, he also has a fantastic Singapore-based travel page at https://www.facebook.com/BeingHumanInSG
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