Spectacular Sunsets from Around the World

Welcome to Hostelfy.me’s Sunset Sessions.  This series will showcase the best spots to see and experience the most spectacular sunsets from all around the world. After all, is there anything more satisfying than watching the sun dip down the horizon and the sky explode into a palette of blue, red, yellow, orange, and purple? Better yet: the opportunity to catch a stunning sunset from a place other than home.



1st Manila Bay Manila, Philippines Watch as the sky breaks out into a virtual tangerine dream.2370656204_d36a002d2f_z

Photograph by Aaron Paggabao via Flickr Creative Commons

2 Village of Oia

Santorini, Greece

Oia’s white washed houses glow as dusk descends.


Photograph by Pedro Szekely via Flickr Creative Commons

3 Bayon

Ankor, Cambodia

Watching the sun set behind the temple is truly a spiritual experience.


Photograph by Ethan Crowley via Flickr Creative Commons

4 View from the  Montparnasse tower

Paris, France

Watch as the ‘city of lights’ literally lights up as night falls.


Photograph by kluzniak mariusz via Flickr Creative Commons

5th Entrance of Charles Bridge

Prague, Czech Republic

Statues transform into silhouettes as dusk descends.


6 Rooftop view of Manhattan

New York City, USA

See the Entire city in silhouetted against the sun’s golden-orange hue …


Photograph by Shelly via Flickr Creative Commons

6 Maasai Mara

Kenya, Africa

Feel at one with the earth as you watch the sun set over this national game reserve.


Photograph by The.Rohit via Flickr Creative Commons

7 Hawaii beach sunset

Pretty much from any vantage point in Hawaii

Whether you’re watching the sun dip below the horizon on a Waikiki beach or catching the day end from Mount Haleakala, Hawaii’s sunsets will surely take your breath away.


Photograph by  Louish Pixel  via Flickr Creative Commons

8 Kruger National Park 

South Africa

Africa’s wild animals come alive at sunset. Plus, the pink and turquoise sky is a breathtaking sight.

2204785523_844857dccd_z Photograph by  jomilo75  via Flickr Creative Commons

9 Grundarfjordur


Situated between a lava field and majestic mountains, this small town is one of the best places to catch Iceland’s spectacular sunsets. 9273551880_fd6240b486_z

Photograph by David Whelan via Flickr Creative Commons

10 City pier

Barcelona,  ​​Spain

Grave a bottle of Spanish wine, a few snacks, and join your fellow city dwellers and sunset revelers and watch the dusk descend on this lively city.


Photograph by MorBCN via Flickr Creative Commons


11 Djeme el Faad

Marrakech, Morocco

The Djemaa el Faad night market Virtually cracks open and comes alive as the sun sets over the Atlas mountains.

3530414551_82c457bfcb_z (1)

Photograph by  juanjolostium  via Flickr Creative Commons

12 Golden Gate Bridge 

San Francisco, California, USA

Watching hey sky change from bright blue to light pink to lilac behind the Golden Gate bridge is truly a sight to behold.


 Photographer via Pixabay

13 City skyline

Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s famed TV Tower (Fernsehturm) Seems to light up like a disco ball as the rays from the setting sun bounces off its mirror-like surface.


Photograph by  Nico drinking house  via Flickr Creative Commons

14 Port Melbourne Poles, Princess Pier

Melbourne, Australia

The pole’s artfully reconstructed site – Which is at its most stunning at sunset – is a testament to the skill of engineering and architecture.


Photograph by Pixabay

1 5 Nagao Shrine,

Katsarugi, Japan 

Sunset at Shinto shrine this will make you feel at peace with the world.


Photograph by Pixabay


The Most Romantic Cities in the World

Urban jungles buzz with cultural flavor and can make you believe did all your dreams can come true. Turn up the heat this summer with sizzling destinations synthesis thatwill bring out your romantic side! 

1) Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s bullet-ridden buildings, graffiti adorned subways and historic sites make it the perfect place for those seeking an unconventional experience.

1024px-Berlin, _Germany_ (8001051442)

Image by yeowatzup from Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany via Wikimedia Commons

2) Tallinn, Estonia

Don’t want to choose in between fairy tale romance or a crazy party scene? Tallinn, with its castles, cobble-stoned streets and evening clubs, will give you the best of both worlds: medieval backdrop by day and a hot and heavy party scene by night. 

Calle_Kooli, _Tallinn, _Estonia, _2012-08-05, _DD_04 Image by Diego Delso via Wikimedia Commons

3) Hồ Chí Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Formerly known as Saigon and on the edge of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s large largest city Combines French colonial buildings, traditional Asian temples and a cosmopolitan nightlife did you will not find anywhere else. For a true taste of the city, zoom through Ho Chi Minh’s chaotic streets by motorbike (xe om) and explore its old world monuments, sidewalk cafes, and rows of silk, spice and medicinal markets.

SAIGON_VIETNAM_JAN_2012_ (6820575652)

Image via Wikimedia Commons by calflier001

4) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dive into the heart of the tango where Rio de Janeiro’s frenetic energy and hip-shaking rhythm city is sure to rev up your relationship.


Photo by Adam63 via Wikimedia Commons

5) Istanbul, Turkey

Whether it is to watch dusk descend over the Bosphorus or get lost amid carpets and lamps in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, with one foot in Asia and another in Europe is pure romance.  


Photography by  Seha Islam  - ( http://www.sehaislam.com ) via Wikimedia Commons

* A version of this story which originally published in Matador Travel (same author).