Travel Tips for Women

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing Either at all” – Helen Keller

if you’re looking for your next big adventure but still have Concerns, check out the guide below!



Photograph by Daniel Foster via Flickr Creative Commons


Prepare and plan


Though leaping into the unknown can be fun, a little bit of planning can go a long way.


The first step is to mentally prepare yourself for the trip. Use your senses to imagine what the streets will look like, how the food will smell, and what it would feel like to be on your own.


A great tip For Those who have a bad sense of direction (myself included) would be to study the city and transportation maps ahead of time. You can even take it to the next level by checking out your destination on Google Earth.



Read and Research


Find out all you can about your destination, specifically the cultural norms and rules of etiquette. For example, in Thailand it is rude to touch someone’s head Whereas in Spain women june kiss eachother on the cheek ( beso ) as a form of greeting.


Learn some phrases in the local language or dialect. Even if you’re unable to master the pronunciation, locals will appreciate the effort. In terms of safety, memorize key terms: such as:


“Leave me alone!”



“Go Away!”





If you’re strapped for time, plan out the most important things you want to see and do first. This way, you will not waste most of your holiday on activities did you can do at home.


HOWEVER, do not schedule every single detail of your trip. Leave room for spontaneity. After all, the most memorable parts of a journey are the unexpected.





I can not emphasize this enough: pack light. Strict laws have thus made travel excess baggage not only physically burdensome, but that is financially draining. Bear in mind the words of Susan Heller who said:


“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. ”


Examine what you really need ,: such as toiletries, underwear and climate Appropriate clothing. Leave your valuables,: such as jewelry, at home to avoid becoming a target for theft.


Bring garments did are easy to wash and dry, as well as a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Another useful piece is the sarong, Which is light, easy to pack and can be used in a variety of ways: such as a shawl When entering a church or mosque, a beach blanket, a towel, a skirt and even a makeshift bag.


Other essentials are:


- Small flashlight

- Medicine and / or First Aid Kit

- Small sewing kit

- Mini calculator

- Mace or Pepper Spray

- A whistle (great for warding off potential Attackers)

- Credit and ATM cards

- Money belt

- Mobile phone

- Map


Safety Fundamentals


Before your trip, let people in on your plan: such as where you’ll be headed, your contact information, and How often shoulderstand They expect to hear from you. This is so did in case something does happen, there is a trail thatthey can follow.


Store your information: such as credit card numbers and a scanned copy of your passport in a safe place did you-can-Easily access in the event did your stuff is lost or stolen.

A good trick is to hide it would in your email account with a fake title on the subject line.


Do not keep all your documents and money in one container. Spread it out. Use the hotel safe. So, keep a secret stash of cash, as examined in the inside of your shoe, as to emergency fund.


Dress and act like a local


Respect the cultural norms of your destination and dress like the locals. If you’re in a country where Islamic head scarves women wear, wear one yourself. Conservative and Developing nations have stricter rules Often, THEREFORE wearing skimpy clothing june not only be offensive, but could result in unwanted attention. THEREFORE, do your homework and find out what’s Considered appropriate.




If you’re worried about wandering alone at night, most of your touring schedule falling on the daytime. Be aware of your surroundings and learn to anticipate potential problems, as examined Avoiding dark alleyways or seedy areas


Trust your instincts. Be alert and travel smart.


Warding off unwanted attention


If you’re single, Consider wearing a fake wedding ribbon. This is very effective in conservative or Developing places where people are less likely to hassle another man’s wife. So, avoid making prolonged direct eye contact with men. In some societies, this gesture is disrespectful or Considered as a romantic invitation.


Empower yourself by moving with confidence, head up and eyes straight ahead. So, act as though you know the area since showing did’re vulnerable or lost Tends to make you target for thieves and pestering (if you’re lost, ask discreetly).




The best thing you can do if someone touches you inappropriately is to yell, shout and make a fuss. Predators count on the image did a woman would be too embarrassed to do or say anything; THEREFORE, standing up for yourself will Both shock and humiliate him.

Do not worry about what the locals will think, if anything theywill help you ward off the aggressor.


If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re alone with at attacker, use every tool you have: scream, spray him with pepper spray, pretend to throw up on him, kick him in his private and run for help.


Though solo female may SEEM intimidating and even scary, taking the plunge is something you’ll never regret. Stay safe, but at the same time do not let your fears prevent you from enjoying the voyage.